Telekom Romania Foundation continues the series of Smart Digital courses and starts the registrations for the second FREE course

Between 22nd and November 26th, 2021, Telekom Romania Foundation, in partnership with Telekom Romania will organize ONLINE the SMART DIGITAL course "How to make the right steps into a digital career?".

In recent years we have witnessed a dramatic digital transformation in almost every field of activity, and as technology continues to advance and integrate into our lives, reading and writing are no longer basic knowledge. With the progress of the internet and technology, digital skills have become a MUST HAVE.

Moreover, in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic, most of us work online, which involves mastering a set of digital skills to communicate, handle documents online and navigate safely on Internet.

Want a digital career, but do not know exactly what to start with? If you are passionate about online and you like to be up to date with everything new, you have already taken the first step. For the following, we encourage you to register for FREE in our online training, carried out in 5 modules, with a duration of 14 hours, in 5 days. Do you need a good reason? We have at least 10 reasons that can convince you:

  1. It's free;
  2. Conducted online;
  3. You save money for attending the course;
  4. Know-how from trainers with expertise up to 15 years (employed within Telekom, Digital Romania division);
  5. You learn in 5 days as others in 5 weeks;
  6. Tips & tricks that you can't find out by surfing the net;
  7. 2in1, theory and practice;
  8. Free to ask questions;
  9. Find out which branch in the digital field suits you;
  10. Diploma of participation.

Register NOW and you can be one of the 15 participants in the course!

Registrations are made between November 1st and November 18th, 2021, filling in the form available below and in compliance with the conditions mentioned in the regulations available here.

Who is the Smart Digital course for?

The course is aiming the young people who want to develop a successful career in this field and who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • age between 20 - 45 years;
  • higher education in progress or completed;
  • motivation to participate in this course.

Selection criteria?

First come, first served, in compliance with the conditions laid down in the regulation.

What will you learn?

MODULE 1: Healthy practices in a digital environment (3h)
22 November

Trainer: Roxana CEIALÂCU

  • Understanding the means of creating a digital workplace experience and their importance;
  • Exercising activities to develop personal skills in the field of mentality growth.

MODULE 2: Introduction to copywriting (3h)
23 November

Trainer: Lavinia NICA

  • What it means and where it applies;
  • How we establish the target audience and the communication channel;
  • What we do before and after building the text.

MODULE 3: The 4Vs that ensure your personal and professional success (2h)
24 November

Cătălin Ștefan IORDACHE

  • You acquire a set of knowledge and a business perspective that you can apply in your present or future activity;
  • You learn in a few hours the essentials, what a student learns in 3 years of college.

MODULE 4: Essential in teams (3h)
25 November

Trainer: Setin Tigran MAGANEAN

  • We define what a business problem means, how it is identified, how we present it and how we approach it;
  • We look at alternative techniques to the well-known brainstorming, when and how they can be used;
  • We see how we can generate 30+ ideas in 10-15 minutes and how we can turn a brainstorming session into an ideation workshop that inspires colleagues to contribute;
  • We discover what tools we can use both physically, in the office and digitally, when working from other places or with national / international teams.

MODULE 5:Introduction to the user experience (UX) (3h)
26 November

Trainer: Andreea-Zenovia POPESCU

  • Where did the term UX (translated in the user experience) start?
  • What is it and how does it help us to have user-oriented digital products?
  • What are the key elements that a digital product must have?
  • What should you avoid when building a digital product?
  • What process do you follow to reach the expected result?
  • Who is responsible for creating user-oriented digital products?

Who are the trainers who will reveal the secrets of your job?



Hello, I am Roxana. I have over 15 years’ experience in the software development industry and over 3 years in the telecommunications industry. In the last 6 years I have explored new skills, collaborating with hundreds of people and dozens of teams, being support in the personal and professional development of my colleagues, in increasing team performance, but also in agile organizational transformation. I played the role of AGILE consultant, mentor, coach, and facilitator. I am an optimistic, cheerful, energetic person and I love life with all its challenges. I cannot wait to meet you! :)

"If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” - Zig Ziglar


Lavinia NICA

Hello! I am Lavinia and I can't wait to meet you. I have 5 years of experience in copywriting and, more recently, I am also a UX Writer. How do I do that? With a mix of words and emotions. But I will tell you more in class.


Cătălin Ştefan IORDACHE

Over 15 years of experience in the financial field, during which I worked in several industries (insurance, banking, capital market, consulting, telecommunications, coaching) in various key roles.

My relevant training is in accounting, business analysis, psychology, and coaching.

I am Cătălin and I am passionate about finance, investments, and human potential. Through various projects, I contribute to the increment of the level of financial education among Romanians.


Setin Tigran MAGANIAN

Passionate about people and education. I like to simplify complicated things, solve problems, and help those around me to solve the challenges they face. I strongly believe in the need for experiential learning and the connection between games and education.


Andreea-Zenovia POPESCU

I am Andreea-Zenovia Popescu and I am part of the Telekom team, both as Product Owner and as Lead of the Design Chapter. I started my journey to get to know the user with the volunteer period at Mozilla and, since then, I write a page every day with what I learn new. I strongly believe that I have something to learn from everyone and I am fascinated by how the human brain works, being a guide in the work I do. I often take UX (user experience) courses because I strongly believe in sharing information with others and am a mentor to various digital events aimed at helping society. So far, we have worked on various projects, from software solutions for e-commerce, to mobile applications for medical staff.

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